The New Respects

Happy Friday! I want to share some music that I’ve been listening to.

I work in food service and there’s always a curated playlist that department stores of all kinds have. Some play 80’s music, early 2000’s pop, or the music that no one listens to EVER! Throughout my three years at my job, I’ve heard it all including the dreadful country music that makes your ears bleed, lol. I love country music but whatever was playing over the speakers at work was painful BUT I grew to love it- the song was a bop. it wasn’t until recently, the company spiced it up and turned on a brand-new playlist with a wide variety

I have like to say that I have an ear for good music. If the song resonates with me in some way, I add it to the playlist. During the summer, I kept hearing this one song that fun and upbeat. I figured it was some song from a Tik-Toker that I stumbled upon, but it wasn’t- it was the group called, The New Respects. The vibrant and energetic song, ‘Hands Up’. This catchy tune is so infectious and clean that as I’m typing this I can’t remember when I heard clean music. Earlier this week, I discovered another song by the group called, ‘Before The Sun Goes Down.‘ That song is very laid back and filled with groove- perfect for the summer and anytime you want to feel lite and happy. I’m glad I discovered The New Respects and their music, and I hope you enjoy them too!

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