I’m On the Market (For A Job)

My last post was my 50th post since I started blogging in 2017 and since I first started sharing my work with the public in 2020! So, a congratulations is in order for fifty posts! Thank you to you, the subscriber, for interacting with my blogs and reading what I have to say. Another thank you to the people who haven’t subscribed and are in countries and cities around the globe! Just know I am forever grateful for you.

Yesterday, I finally opened my LinkedIn profile up for job prospects in marketing! I spent a couple weeks this month working on my portfolio and soon to be website for recruiters to look at and make their bid. I have a lot of experience in marketing and communications dating back to 2017, officially. Prior to working in that department at my alma mater, I was creating content and posting messages on Facebook pages for the organizations that I participated in as well as my own social media. Looking back on it, I was the marketing- meaning I used myself as a walking billboard. Word of mouth was my tactic as well as being connected to everyone at my university by building interpersonal relationships. While allowing others to have access to me became overwhelming, I learned later to put that energy into the graphics, how to schedule posts and make content more interesting.

In high school, when working on PowerPoints, I noticed that people like eye catching materials- at least that was my take. It’s all about the delivery and how you present the material. If done correctly, then you have succeeded. I wasn’t always good on delivery, but I never said I was perfect. In college, I failed a lot due to the fact I relied on old tricks of the trade that no longer worked. In some cases, it got me by but is getting by the goal? NO; however, sometimes you got to do what you got to do. In hindsight, failure taught me more than any class I sat through. The messiness of being at rock bottom and having to bring yourself up from the ashes WITHOUT assistance was the greatest reward. Although it was a brutal and lonely journey, I began to navigate and rebuild myself. As I stated earlier, I was my own marketing strategy so with rebranding come more trial and error except I get determine what failure means, not someone else.

Now that I’m on the market (for a job), I feel ready with the obvious anxiety that one gets when job searching, I know I’m ready to move on from where I am currently and that makes all the difference.


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