Disney+ and Lizzie McGuire

It seems like every show is getting a reboot these days and every major production company is getting their own streaming service. Original plots and content are getting lost in the sea of remakes with little to no thought put into the actual work. Remakes of movies and television shows have always been a thing per say but it used to be done with intentionality for a new generation except every single show within the last 20 years is being “reimagined.”

Lizzie McGuire was one of those shows that did not have a laugh track or didn’t seem overly dramatic with antics to appeal to a younger audience. It simply followed a teenage girl alongside her friends from junior high through high school as they faced the highs and lows of personal and social issues. Life back then was simple- no phones, people actual played outside and hanged out with friends, the mall was the place to be, and the internet was used at school unless you had one at home. Navigating life compared to now was “simple” but your life also depended on being adjacent to popular things and people.

The reboot came about in 2019 as it was going to follow an adult Lizzie living in New York City in her 30’s. Now, I was excited for this reboot because I was already watching the tv show, ‘Younger’ on TV Land. Hilary Duff is just one of those actors/actresses that does every just right. Her performance in Younger was phenomenal and edgy without being over the top. I believed her character, so I was really excited to see what the new Lizzie McGuire was going to bring- that was until the news broke that the show was no longer in production.

In 2020, the news broke that the Lizzie reboot was no longer happening. this was due to creative differences and that the original producer had left the show with only filming two episodes. Not only were we in a pandemic but we also NOT getting a show with real thought and care being put into production. Needless to say, that I was distraught for the simple fact that television is lacking shows with depth and actors that can ACT. Some of the creative differences where Disney didn’t want to showcase divorce or sex scenes that’s not suited for the demographic. To be honest, that reboot was my driving force to purchase a subscription- mind you, that Disney+ and the Lizzie McGuire show was rolling out almost simultaneously. Disney FUMBLED a bag, DROPPED the ball with this one. They missed out on my $12.99.

I’m still holding out that maybe in the future the cast and production can come to a mutual agreement to resume filming although I am fully aware that the idea is completely off the table. Maybe Hilary can talk to HULU? maybe? Listen to my new episode of Discussions with DeDav below.


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