Degrassi Reboot

Here’s the latest episode of my podcast where I talk my favorite show of all time, Degrassi. With HBO Max laying off 70% of its staff and halting production on original shows, the Degrassi reboot as well as other shows are in jeopardy of not being filmed and aired. With a released year of 2023, there was a lot of talk on Twitter about how the show will not see the light of day. Now, anything is possible. I for one was going to subscribed to HBO Max when the show premiered in its new 1-hour long format.

Prior to the new of the reboot, I joined a Facebook group where we talk all things Degrassi from the original back in the 80’s all the way until the Netflix version of ‘Next Class.’ With the general consensus that ‘Next Class’ was the worst version of Degrassi, some group members made a point that the show is generational hence the former title, “Degrassi: The Next Generation.” I loved ‘Next Gen’ because it “went there.” Covering a multitude of teenage experiences and outcomes, the storylines never lacked depth. In some cases, there was never a happy ending or conclusion. Some people in the group showed frustration that was never closure some characters but, in my opinion, that’s life. Happy endings are rare and conclusions to difficult situations like sexual harassment or death are often left on a cliff hanger.

What’s next? I don’t know but I hope we get something. Although I am not a part of this generation (and whatever direction this show takes) I hope that dedicated supporters of the show in the past aren’t judgmental of this rendition. Listen to the new episode of my podcast below.–Degrassi-Reboot-e1maviq

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