New Beginnings

Hello all! I hope you missed me in some capacity. I mentioned before that I was “back” either last year or sometime earlier this year. I scaled back on creating content due to the fact I wasn’t in the head space to create anything. So much was going on at work and in personal life that I couldn’t even think. I’m not sure if I was sleeping or breathing- I was on auto pilot. Recently, I was hit with a wave of creativity in the most random way. I was on Instagram and a video of Colton Underwood was eating a croissant in France. If that’s not random then I don’t know what is.

Not only did I take a break from blogging, but I also stepped away from podcasting. Prior to publicizing my online journal, I had the spark to do live recordings. I had some exposure in college with my friend Lauren and then again once WordPress and Anchor joined forces to turn blogs into audio format. Once I selected the journals I wanted to discussion “ON-AIR”, I had to come up with other ways to keep the podcast going. At first, it seemed easy, but I began to realize the work it took to keep a project going and the listeners interested. Being vulnerable is one thing; however, trying to turn vulnerability into a platform and rehash old emotions was in my interest and I got burnt out. Yes, be vulnerable but once you’re healed (so to speak) move on and focus on the next thing.

After adding a voice over to my writings, I decided to do ASMR of my favorite quotes and whatever else I could think of that was fun to me. Since I didn’t have a vision for longevity on that platform, that explains why I stepped away from the mic and the keyboard. I did not feel compelled to share any other experiences because there nothing else to share. I like to experience life as it happens and then share rather than share every small detail that is happening in that very moment, if that makes sense.

Today, I feel rejuvenated. I have a vision and ideas. I’m not going to overthink anything just be authentic and go with the flow less strategically. Who would have thought a former bachelor eating a croissant in Paris, France would have ignited a resurgence of me recording podcasts and writing blogs again, NOT. ME. lol. ANYWAYS, the revamp of my podcast has switched from ‘Random Thoughts with Marc’ to ‘Discussions with De-Dav.’ Listen to the first episode below.


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