Random Thoughts with Marc!

Hello and welcome back! I’m here to provide an update as usual- I have a podcast out titled, “Random Thoughts with Marc” where I talk about the thoughts I curate in my mind. We are officially on season 3 and couldn’t be more ecstatic! The first two seasons are about this here blog. I bring it to life with audio clips and a debrief of (almost) every blog that I have written. It was a way for me to get comfortable using a microphone and talking to an unforeseen audience.

This experience couldn’t be possible without the WordPress x Anchor collaboration. Once I discovered that I could turn my blog into audio, I jumped on it! After a few clicks and test runs I was published on Spotify and a few other podcast sites- Anchor being the main platform. In most cases, I would think about gaining momentum but this time I focused more on so on perfecting my craft and getting comfortable with talking. I don’t mind talking but when you sit down and re-read personal thoughts aloud, it feels different than when you’re by yourself. With what felt like endless takes and re-editing my already written post, I quickly noticed that I lacked in proofreading prior to posting (lol- sorry if my writing hurt your eyes!). Although with minor edits, the new edits caused sentence structure errors and because too much to handle due to the fact that I wanted to keep the authenticity of the tone; however, editing needed to be done.

Two seasons later, I embarked on a half season but some sights don’t recognize half seasons so that turned into season 3 but between you and me, it’s more of 2.5 than a full structured season. This go ’round I am truly talking about random things in ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response). This season, I am whispering and making noise instead of talking. In the past friends have told me that I am really good at whispering so I gathered enough confidence to do it! Random Thoughts with Marc is still going ~strong~ in season 2.5 so I hope you are laughing as much as I am.


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