26 and beyond

What a year 2020 has been, I know we’ve heard that a lot. In my journal entry ,”the road to 25“, I mentioned how much of a journey that experience was. I wanted to become more informed on the world around me, politically. Researching presidential candidates was a task but dire due to the fact I could no longer say, “politics isn’t my thing.” Although it isn’t my personality, I would continue to do myself an injustice by not looking into whom would potentially govern the country I live in.

Once I turned 25, I felt content. I was happy to see another year (like everyone says), I was happy to be at home freshly graduated with a masters degree, and simply happy to relax! The pandemic granted the few weeks of sabbath before I went back to work. While most business were still closed, 2 months later my job decided to reopen 6 days after my birthday…however, I was making money again.

Now that I’m 26 I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot in five years that now I’m preparing for 30. Before I reach the age of thirty, I plan on spending these next few years embracing those around me, having more fun, and being more present. With that being said , I am also practicing patience while trying to balance a everything life throws at you once you’re out of school, lol.

Birthdays are times of celebration whether its big or small. For me, I like things on the small end but maybe when I’m 30 I’ll do something big since my 25th was overshadowed my a global pandemic.

Stay balanced and lite.


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