What’s Goin’ On?!?

Well– I’m back. I smirked when I typed that because yes I’m back but for how long? It been four (4) months since I’ve posted something. Life is happening and sometimes you cant blog about everything, right? Now, I don’t have to give you details about my absence; however, I believe that you, the reader, tune in to read about my life- the glimpse I choose to share. The audience I have gained in a years time mean the world because you read the material and like the material and I will forever be thankful for that. Now It’s time to answer the questions?

This go ’round, I’ll be posting sporadically due to my work schedule instead of every week/bi-weekly. The world is starting to reopen and time is getting cut in half. With that being said, that’s the reason I’ve been gone for so long is work! It’s important to take breaks in between to maintain a healthy life. There have been things to discuss but I’ve been thinking on rebranding slightly to provide more in-depth conversations surrounding topics about relationships and life in general. With things like those, I want to put more care into the messaging more so than writing something with an emotional response- so that’s the update about my absence, lol.

Other news:

In April, The Marc Joseph Journal had its 1 year anniversary.

I celebrated my 26th birthday on May 6th

I plan on creating EP #2 this month with a due date in late summer/early fall

For now, that’s all I have. Until next time!


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