2020 Recap

I may be a week or late but as they say, “Better late than never.” Before I make a separate post about the new year, I want to revisit some highlights of 2020.

January 18: Abby + Austin gets Married!! I had definitely had unconfirmed alcohol poisoning (totally my doing) but it was a night to remember. Watching friends get married is refreshing to see because it lets me know love is forever and it should be celebrated.

March 13: Covid-19

March 24: I got back into blogging and started posting regularly. This was just the beginning.

April 21, I published my first public blog! This took some courage as because I’m not confident in my writing due to some professors saying that it sucks (sort of but they’re fired now. The power I have! Just kidding.)

May 4: I graduated with my Masters from Fontbonne University! The degree is in Management and Leadership, M.M.L.

May 8: I went back to work after being unemployed for two months. Excited yet disturbed because I was just getting comfortable with being at home and NOT being in school for once in my life.

May 15: I launched my Music blog where I shined a light on some of my musical artists Mostly whom I just discovered via Tidal, my favorite streaming platform.

June 2: The black square. The aftermath of George Floyd’s death was a wakeup a call for many. It was a time to take a stand and be on the right side of justice and take a good look at the racial inequality our nation as been plagued with for decades. While posting a shaded shape on Instagram ruffled a few feathers, it was a moment for those who are usually tone deaf to issues such as racism and police brutality to start paying attention and take action.

June 10: I participated in a 3 month self-love group called, “The Adventure into Self-Love”, where you focus on a relationship that you really want to work on and during this time, you reflect through music, journal prompts, and group discussion on how the those relationships impact your life.

June 24: I released the 1st single off my then upcoming EP, ‘The Underground.’

July 22: Sirens MV release! I also started my brand YouTube Channel: DeMarcus Houdini so that I could upload previous instrumental as well as the new EP.

August 21: The Underground EP drop! I was proud of myself. I said I was going to do something and I actually did it. Nervous of the feedback but I did not care because I put in the work to create something I love and no one can take that away. It’s a bop if you’re wondering.

October: Mariah Carey.

November: I downloaded TikTok!

December 31: I brought in the New Year with some friends that I haven’t seen in awhile and it made me realize that I’ve missed them in my life and that I want them to stay.

2020 was a whirlwind for sure. Instead of being upset for 9 months I took matters into my own hands. I was becoming the main character in my life. Not wanting to accept that I always put myself last–I was slowly emerging from the shadows to take ownership of my life. This realization was a coming of age moment and it’s only the beginning.


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