This Shouldn’t Be

The mask should not be a political statement. It should not be an argument. I somehow see men in their 40’s pouting on national and local news refusing to keep those around them safe from a global pandemic. The sad thing about it is these “men” are dragging their families into their personal pity party. I feel bad for their wives and children.

We should not be picking on people who choose to wear their masks and those who choose not to wear them. It’s silly to think that we are allowing a piece of fabric to decide whether or not we continue to maintain certain relationships. In the beginning it was rough yet necessary to shut everything down. Now, since local government has the choice to implement restrictions in their states, it has become more of a never-ending battle issuing a mandate to eliminate this disease. Since masks have become political, we’ve turned aggressive in the way interact with one another. 

Lately, I have been hanging out with friends either 1-1 or groups under 10 with a fair amount of distance. I don’t mind being the “crazy liberal” asking people, “Where is your mask?” “Did you wash your hands?” “Are you sick?” “*person coughs/sneezes* “Do you have COVID??” I literally don’t care because not only do I care about myself, I care about my family and other people that are out there. A friend of mine goes, “Nice mask.” I ignored him but I originally thought there was going to be at least 20 people at this gathering so yes, I was bringing my mask. Is there a problem?

Just like you, I want to rewind the clock and let COVID be a thing; however, it is and we should be doing our part. Let’s have a mask mandate, receive another stimulus, give our essential workers a pay raise and keep it moving. I have places to be and people to see.

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